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Prompt Research Insights


Understanding how the consumer interacts with your advertising is critical in ensuring its success. Yet traditional forms of testing tell only part of the story.


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Did you know?

With eye tracking you can measure exactly where people look and illuminate hidden deficiencies that traditional market research methods cannot.
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 We know that reality can significantly differ from research findings, simply because people do not say what they mean or mean what they say… Eye tracking is one of the most powerful methods of finding out how visual communication works. Eye tracking can determine if a consumer is paying attention to a particular marketing message or just scanning through… 

Prompt Research Insights is the first eye tracking Research Company in South Africa. We are experts in eye tracking and are supported by a strong and competent global partner. By introducing this innovative technology, we can now provide scientifically grounded usability and market research analyses for websites, internet applications, online shops, multimedia applications, software, advertising campaigns, TV, packaging, and products.



 Prompt Research Insights is an award winning company.

Some of our awards are: 

> 2012 Top 3 Finalist Young Business Achiever Award  (BBQ AWARD)

> 2010 WINNER New & Innovative Business Award (BBQ AWARD) 

> 2010 Top 3 Finalist New Entrepreneur Award (BBQ AWARD)

> 2009 Top 3 Finalist New & Innovative Award (BBQ Award)

> 2012 Top 3 Finalist Young Business Achiever Award  (BBQ AWARD)


Did you know?

Most purchase decisions are made at the shelf during just a few critical seconds.

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