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The Natural Capital Leaders Index PDF Print E-mail

Prompt Research Insights is delighted to launch the Natural Capital Leaders Index in South Africa. The Natural Capital Leaders index is designed to recognize companies demonstrating natural capital leadership – and in addition, break new ground by identifying those companies that are truly ‘moving the needle’ by decoupling growth from natural capital impact. The index will be published in partnership with Independent Media.

The Natural Capital Leaders Index features two categories of leaders:

  • Natural Capital Efficiency Leaders used natural capital most efficiently to generate revenue over the past year

  • Natural Capital Decoupling Leaders increased revenue while decreasing natural capital impacts over the most recent five year period

The Natural Capital Business Report

Prompt Research Insights has partnered with Trucost, a leading research firm focusing on natural capital and sustainability metrics to launch the first annual Natural Capital Business Report in South Africa. The report will hold up a mirror to the world of business and sustainability  to take an accounting of how well it is, or isn’t, doing.  The report includes the Natural Capital Leaders Index, the first-ever assessment of which companies are doing the best  at decoupling environmental impact from economic growth. We believe that this will become a new standard for assessing which companies are truly leaders in sustainability. 

The universe has been set as the largest JSE-listed companies that have disclosed at least greenhouse gas emissions for the past 5 years. For each company we will gather disclosed quantitative data across 16 quantitative metrics over the 5 year period. They include:

  •   Direct vs. Supply Chain Impacts significance

  •   Top 4 environmental KPIs

  •   Return vs. Impact on Natural Assets

  •   Environmental efficiency

  •   Absolute environmental impacts:

  •   GHG Absolute quantities

  •   Carbon efficiency/Intensity 

  •   Water intensity

  •   Water use

  •   Air Pollution

  •   Waste Intensity

  •   Transparency

  •   Carbon disclosure

The report will be released on the 20TH of March 2015. To buy the report contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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