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Prompt Research Insights

Prompt Research Insights wins BBQ Award for New and Innovative Business PDF Print E-mail

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Graduating from Finalist in 2009, the company took the award at Emperors Palace on the 15th October 2010.  The business were judged on the following:

  • Must be more than 50 % black owned
  • Must have been operational for at least one and a half years and be profitable with an established client base

Show a commitment to innovation and technological advancement through the development of a product or service. If the service is copyrighted or patented, the nominee will need to hold the patent or copyright on the product or service Companies operating within a competitive industry and who demonstrate
factors of sustainable economic growth and development will have an advantage. Innovation in a relatively unknown or untapped industry would greatly boost the possibility of winning. Adherence to good corporate governance and leadership is vital.

We hope this is the first of many awards!

The website is


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